NPort's Operation Modes Simplify Serial Device Communications NPort Serial Device Server IIoT
Many people are already aware that NPort serial device servers provide several operation modes to help different types of serial devices to be seen on a network. What they might not know is that NPort serial device servers provide various advanced functions as part of their operation modes to assist users in streamlining operations by integrating their RS-232/422/485 devices into industrial IoT applications with ease.
Small Change  
NPort Serial Device Server
NPort Series
Serial Device Server
Intelligent Multiconnection
Supports local HMI and remote data acquisition simultaneously.
Variety Data-Format Compatibilities
Supports serial tunneling for standard
(Modbus/DNP3) and proprietary protocols.
Smart Connection Handling
Automatically connects or disconnects TCP connection to save bandwidth for big data transmissions.
  Big Savings
  No extra gateways required
NPort’s “Command-by-Command” function handles IoT multiple polling applications on a first in, first out (FIFO) basis.
No need to develop
complicated software

NPort has various data-format compatibilities to handle proprietary protocols of legacy equipment.
Fewer spare parts
Moxa promises higher MTBFs and lower RMA rates to ensure your system will operate reliably for a long time.
NPort Serial Device Server IIoT
Moxa NPort Serial Device Server NPort Serial Device Server
  • Completed product portfolio-1/2/4/8/16/32 port with advanced options
  • User-friendly interface-3-step web-based configuration utility
  • Quick troubleshooting event log, relay arm
  • Industrial-grade design C1D2, ATEX, DNV, EN50155


NPort Serial Device Server Committed to Long-term Availability to the Year 2025
  • A guaranteed stable supply of serial connectivity solutions
  • Continuous Driver/OS support for system interoperability and flexibility
  • Trusted sales, technical, and purchasing service
Windows 10 5-year warranty

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